Latest Show: Revisiting Sprewell, Lacrosse Brothers, Chargers' Move

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(Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images)
(Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images)

The Golden State Warriors are now known for their team chemistry. Two decades ago, the franchise had a very different image. This week on Only A Game, we explore the link between the Sprewell-Carlesimo incident and the team's current success. Also, four brothers from the Onondaga Reservation make it pro in lacrosse. Plus, the story of two San Diego natives affected by the Chargers' move to LA. Join us!

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Warriors' Journey From Mean To Nice, Bad To Good

Before the Warriors were perennial Western Conference champs, they were a struggling franchise at the bottom of the standings. And at one practice in 1997, frustration among coaches and players alike sparked one of the most controversial moments in NBA history.

3 Stories: Back Pain, Olympics 2024/2028, Mr. Met's Middle Finger

Rachel Bachman of the Wall Street Journal and Craig Calcaterra of NBC Sports join Bill Littlefield to discuss how athletes deal with chronic pain, where the Olympics might land in 2024 and 2028 and why the New York Mets mascot is in the news.

Lacrosse: A Symbol Of Family And Tradition For Four Iroquois Brothers

Jerome, Jeremy, Miles and Lyle Thompson slept with lacrosse sticks in their cribs. Now playing in the pros, the four brothers from the Onondaga Nation continue to bring their love of the game to the next generation.

Charlie Pierce: The Week In Sports

Bill Littlefield and Only A Game analyst Charlie Pierce discuss the Warriors' big NBA Finals win. Also, LeBron James takes another step toward a possible future in politics and the soccer goalie who left a game in a creative fashion.

As Chargers Leave, PR Director Stays In San Diego With Wife, Family

The San Diego Chargers' decision to move to Los Angeles affects more than just the team's players and fans. For Bill Johnston, former Chargers public relations director, it meant leaving his job to stay with his wife, who is battling Huntington's disease.

This program aired on June 3, 2017.


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