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Stories about sports equipment...or, at least, equipment used by athletes. (Keith Srakocic/AP)
Stories about sports equipment...or, at least, equipment used by athletes. (Keith Srakocic/AP)

This week on Only A Game, we're talking about stuff. Sports stuff. Stories about the sports bra, a bow, a cappuccino machine and other equipment having to do with sports — or, at least, equipment used by athletes. Join us!

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Littlefield: Introducing The Equipment Show

Bill Littlefield opens our special episode on sports equipment.

From The 'Jockbra' To Brandi Chastain: The History Of The Sports Bra

Forty years ago, Lisa Lindahl fell in love with running. But there was one problem: It was uncomfortable. Lindahl went on to create the first modern sports bra.

The Cappuccino Machine That May Have Cost The Panthers Super Bowl XXXVIII

In 2003, as a rookie offensive lineman for the Carolina Panthers, Jordan Gross was asked to buy a cappuccino machine. Jordan refused. Drama ensued. 13 years later, Bill Littlefield tells the story of The Curse of the Cappuccino Machine — and gives Jordan a chance to apologize for his mistake.

An NHL Equipment Manager's Lifelong Dream, Fulfilled In 7.6 Seconds

When the Hurricanes backup goalie fell ill just hours before a game, the team called on Jorge Alves — an equipment manager. For Alves, who spent years bouncing around the minor leagues, it was a dream come true.

Armless Archer Makes His Mark Among The World's Best

Matt Stutzman took up archery as a way to support his family. By 2015, he was ranked the 11th-best archer in the world.

Bill Littlefield Once Hit A Home Run

"My youth league baseball career was dotted with humiliations," Bill Littlefield writes. But there was a bright spot.

This program aired on December 30, 2017.


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