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Calling All Athletes

Here at Only A Game, we know that you don’t have to be LeBron James or Brittney Griner to be an athlete. In fact, many of our favorite stories have featured everyday athletes of average (or below average) talent who happen to have experienced something extraordinary.

Do you have a story like that, or know someone who does? Would you like to work with an Only A Game producer to tell it on the air?

How To Suggest Your Idea

Give us a call at 617-353-1860 and tell your story to our Listener Line. Don’t write it down first. Just explain why your story is worth telling. The voicemail is going to cut you off after about two minutes, so be brief. Be sure to tell us your name and contact info at the beginning of the story. If we’re intrigued, we’ll call back for more details.

Or if you’re slightly more technically minded, you can use the voice recorder function on your smartphone and email the file to Please use “story submission” as your subject line. Your recording will continue until your memory is used up, but please try and keep it short. Again, this is just a teaser. We’ll get more information later.

Wait! Please Read This BEFORE You Call!

Now before you start recording, here are a couple examples of what we DON’T want:

1. You saw favorite team/athlete/child win the championship.

We’re sure it was very exciting. Everyone loves a winner. But unless your story speaks to a universal truth other than “winning is fun,” it’s probably not the story for us.

2. You ran a marathon (or triathlon, ultramarathon or adventure race).

That’s awesome. We commend you on your achievement. Some of us at Only A Game have run races too, and we know all about the transformative power of competition.

But unless you raced Big Bird to the finish line and had your PR attempt foiled by the arrival of the president’s motorcade, it’s probably not the story for us.

3. You (or your co-worker, your kid, or your kid’s Little League coach) are attempting an athletic feat for a good cause.

We love great causes! But we’ve been pitched hundreds of stories about people who have done something difficult (but, ultimately, still fun) for charitable reasons. Here’s our benchmark. If someone (anyone, even a crazy person) would pay money to complete the task you’re attempting, it’s probably not the story for us.

Tell your story and help us make some great sports radio (for listeners with opposable thumbs!)

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