The Arab World Reacts

This article is more than 20 years old.

The Taliban rejects President Bush's ultimatum and prepares for war. Lebanon fears it will be targeted because of past attacks on American interests. Yemen fears reprisal for the USS Cole attack. Iran has softened its dialogue towards the United States, while Iraq remains defiant.

Along with the rest of the world, the Middle East is digesting last night's presidential speech. Samina Ahmed, a Middle East specialist at Harvard, says despite the Bush's efforts to reassure the Arab world, Muslims remain apprehensive at the prospect of a prolonged U.S. involvement in the region.


Samina Ahmed, Research Fellow at the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs at Harvard University;
Hikmat Beaini, President of the Arab Media House and publisher of Al-Nashra, an Arab-American newspaper

This program aired on September 21, 2001. The audio for this program is not available.