The Growing Refugee Problem

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As bombs continue to fall on Afghanistan, the unintended damage continues to pile up. Thousands of Afghans have fled their home since the airstrikes began two weeks ago. Fifty thousand refugees have turned up in Pakistan since September 11th. Tens of thousands or more have fled their homes and headed for the hills within Afghanistan over the past several weeks. Why are these Afghans fleeing their homes when the U.S. says it is targeting only Taliban sites? What is life like as a refugee? And what can be done to help the now 4 million Afghan refugees worldwide?


Rina Amiri, emigrated as a child with family 20 years ago, as part of the first wave of Afghan refugees;
Guenet Guebre-Christos, regional representative for UN High Commissioner for Refugees

This program aired on October 18, 2001.


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