A New York State of Mind

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Dealing with an attack that killed thousands and toppled its two most important buildings would try any city. Add onto that a plane crash, big drops in tourism, and transition of power to a new mayor, and New York City is facing circumstances unprecedented in American history. Mayor Rudolph Giuliani has consistently urged New Yorkers to stick to their normal lives in the face of all its new threats. A new ad campaign starring some of New York's best known stars tout New York as the place where dreams still come true. But how is "the city" holding up under all of these pressures? Has it lost some of its bravado, or will New Yorkers always be New Yorkers?


Dorothy Samuels, member of The New York Times Editorial Board;
Dr. Ian Miller, Clinical Psychologist in New York City. Red Cross volunteer at Ground Zero

This program aired on November 13, 2001.


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