Business in an Age of Uncertainty

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The maxims of a successful business in the 1990's were clear and cold: efficiency, innovation, speed, and scale were the keys to a black bottom line. But along with the rest of society, the world of business changed on September 11th. Security concerns, delays at borders and bridges, and a shaken workforce have forced businesses to change their strategies and priorities. No longer can companies take for granted that their offices will be safe, their customers solvent, or their deliveries made on time. How can businesses adjust to a world where uncertainty is the order of the day? And which types of workers and businesses may actually benefit from an age of uncertainty?


Thomas Davenport, Director of the Accenture Institute for Strategic Change, a business consulting firm

co-author of "The Attention Economy: Managing the New Currency of Business"

This program aired on November 19, 2001.


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