John Ashcroft

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The criticism of Attorney General John Ashcroft is mounting. Civil libertarians are up in arms over new powers given to the Justice Department to monitor suspected terrorists. Some lawmakers have been frustrated by his strong-armed response to the September 11th attacks, especially the continued detainment of hundreds of foreigners as material witneses or on visa charges or other violations unrelated to terrorism. John Ashcroft has never been one to shy away from controversy. As Governor and Senator of Missouri, Ashcroft was often criticized for his conservative views on abortion and other social issues. That conservatism nearly led to the Senate voting down his nomination for Attorney General. This hour, a look at the man leading the domestic response to the September 11th attacks.


Kenneth Warren, professor of political science at St. Louis University

author of "In Defense of Public Opinion Polling"

This program aired on November 30, 2001.


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