A New War in the Middle East?

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In response to weekend terrorist bombings that killed 25 of its citizens, Israel attacked Palestinian targets in Gaza and the West Bank today. Sounding like American leaders in the days after September 11th, Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon essentially declared war on Palestinian leaders. "This war will not be an easy war; this war will not be a short war, but we shall win," Sharon said in an address to his nation. During past skirmishes, the U.S. has generally cautioned the Israeli government against invading Palestinian-controlled territory. After the attacks this weekend, however, the Bush Administration has said the Israelis must do what they feel necessary. This hour: Is Israel about to begin its own "war on terrorism." Is Yasser Arafat to blame for the continued terrorist attacks?


Anthony Lewis, columnist with the New York Times;
Jonathan Wilson, Chair of the English department at Tufts University and author of "The Hiding Room"

This program aired on December 3, 2001.


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