The New Questions in Afghanistan

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Taliban leader Mullah Omar is prepared to surrender one of the former government's last strongholds, Kandahar, on Friday. Interim Afghan President Hamid Karzai will demand that Omar renounce terrorism. Karzai has promised amnesty to most former Taliban members, but says hundreds of al Qaeda fighters holed up in Kandahar must be brought to justice. The surrender of the Taliban's last major city is the latest major U.S. victory in Afghanistan. But along with this victory will come more questions. With our military objective of toppling the Taliban met, can the U.S. continue to pursue bin Laden? How well will the new Afghan government function and how soon will they take over? Will the U.S. step in and demand the arrest of Mullah Omar and others?


Richard Bulliet, Professor of History at Columbia University

This program aired on December 6, 2001.


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