The Transformation of the Bush Administration

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One year ago, George W. Bush was limping out of a month-long fracas over the 2000 election, the President-elect of a deeply divided nation. His first several months in office were considered unremarkable by many. But an unprecedented attack on the United States and an ambitious and so-far successful war on terrorism have pushed the President's approval ratings through the roof and have led to comparisons with FDR and other great American leaders. This hour, a look at the Bush administration before and after September 11th. How are our leaders rising to meet the first major crisis of the 21st century?


Mickey Edwards, lecturer in legislative practice and public policy at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard

Republican member of Congress for 16 years;
Allan Lichtman, history professor at American University and the author of The Keys to the White House

This program aired on December 13, 2001.


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