African-American Mulims

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Islam has become more a part of the American consciousness since September 11th than it ever has before. Most Americans still think of Muslims as being men and women of Arabic descent. But varying surveys estimate that there are between 1 and 3 Million African-American Muslims living in the United States. From Wali Farad to Malcolm X to Louis Farrakhan, black Muslim leaders have historically been vocal and frequently controversial. But since the September 11th attacks, their voices have been largely absent. Many black Muslims have complained of discrimination since the attacks, even being treated differently by other African-Americans. Some have traditionally agreed with the gripes of the 9/11 attackers — though few could possibly agree with their methodology. This hour, African-American Muslims respond to the September 11th attacks.


Imam Johari Abdul-Malik, Muslim chaplain at Howard University

head of the National Association of Muslim Chaplains in higher education;
Lewis Gordon, Chair of Africana Studies at Brown University

This program aired on December 17, 2001.


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