A New Grand Strategy for America

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During the Cold War, the United States' strategy was containment — keeping the Soviet Union's influence from spreading into other parts of the world. The idea behind the strategy was that the U.S. was better off if it was the world's only superpower. Tonight's guest, author Christopher Layne, says that strategy has gotten too burdensome and risky for the U.S. It is time for America to return to a more isolationist policy and allow other nations to take care of themselves. A week and a half ago, William Kristol asserted that America need to embrace its new role as imperial power (listen to program). This hour, the opposite view. Should the United States become more engaged in world affairs — or is it time to return to our isolationist roots?


Christopher Layne, Professor of international studies at Miami University

author of the forthcoming book "Peace of Illusions: International Relations Theory and American Grand Strategy since WWII"

This program aired on December 27, 2001.


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