The New Face of Europe

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Europe unveiled its new currency yesterday — a further step in the uniting of the continent. Western Europe has been the United States' greatest ally over the past 50 years. But our guest this hour says Washington and the great cities of Europe have major differences in how they view several critical issues — and those differences are only getting more pronounced. "When the United States and Europe see eye to eye, there is little they cannot accomplish," writes our guest, Jessica Matthews. "When they do not agree, however, there is little they can achieve." This hour, we examine the evolving relationship between the United States and Europe. Prior to September 11th, the Bush Administration's foreign policy could be described in one word: unilateral. Can the U.S. afford to continue to go its own way — or should the administration seek a new, more cooperative relationship with Europe?


Jessica Matthews, President of the Carnegie Endowment for Peace

This program aired on January 3, 2002.


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