Donald Rumsfeld: Secretary of Defense and National Icon

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He's witty, straight-talking, and gets more air time than perhaps anyone in the Bush Administration, including the President himself. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld is anything but politically correct. He admitted he would like to see Osama bin Laden dead. He openly said he "did not feel even the slightest concern" about the treatment of the al Qaeda prisoners brought to Guantanamo Bay. His press conferences have not only kept Americans abreast of the war, but have provided some of the most enjoyable television over the past several months. This hour, in the first of a series of shows on the players in the war on terrorism, we profile Donald Rumsfeld. "He was shaping as a poor secretary of defense, but he's been a great secretary of war," says one critic. This hour's guest warns that Rumsfeld's straight-talking could be harming America's perception in other parts of the world. This hour, a look at Donald Rumsfeld.


Robert Wright, author of ``The Moral Animal'' and "Nonzero: The Logic of Human Destiny"

This program aired on January 22, 2002.


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