The 6-Month Anniversary: Looking Back at 9/11

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Six months ago, the United States was reeling from the worst terrorist attacks in its history. The twin towers of the World Trade Center came crashing down, the Pentagon was on fire and thousands of Americans lost their lives.

In the hours and weeks after the attacks, one phrase was repeated over and over: "The world has changed." Tonight, we look back at the remarkable events of the past six months and ask the question: "What has really changed?"

Our guests this hour all recorded radio diaries for On Point's predecessor, Special Coverage: the school teacher struggling to explain what happened to her students in lower Manhattan; the American living overseas, watching from afar as her nation was attacked; the college student enthusiastically participating in his school's ROTC program; and the young mother debating over how much to allow her child to know about the attacks.


Kami Patrizzio, teacher at the 12th Street Academy in Manhattan

Zoe Clarkwest, mother living in Cambridge, Massachusetts

Ewan McDougal, Junior at Yale enrolled in the U.S. Marines' Platoon Leaders program, an officer training program

Margaret, American living in Germany

This program aired on March 11, 2002.


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