Can War with Iraq Coexist with the War on Terror?

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On the first stop on his trip overseas, Vice President Dick Cheney brought a key ally in line with the Bush administration's view on Iraq.

"Let's be under no doubt whatever," British Prime Minister Tony Blair said at a press conference yesterday, with Cheney at his side. "Saddam Hussein has acquired weapons of mass destruction over a long period of time. He's the only leader in the world that's actually used chemical weapons against his own people. He is in breach of at least nine U.N. Security Council resolutions about weapons of mass destruction."

A military strike against Saddam Hussein appears to be on President Bush's wish list. But such a strike would be wildly unpopular overseas and could unravel the coalition against terrorism that the United States has forged.

This hour, will Iraq be the next target of the war on terror? Or could an attack on Iraq undermine the entire war effort?


Richard Perle, Assistant secretary of defense in the Reagan administration from 1981 to 1987

chairman of the

Defense Policy Board at the Pentagon
Scott Ritter, former chief of the Concealment Investigations Unit for the UN Special Commission on Iraq

This program aired on March 12, 2002.


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