Is the Glass Ceiling for Women Hardening?

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The concept of a corporate glass ceiling for women seems like it should be a remnant of the distant past. But a recent study by the General Accounting Office suggests that the wage gap between men and women has actually been widening over the past 5 years.

The study found that in 2000, a female manager in the same industry took home only 73 cents for every dollar earned her male counterpart. That was a significant increase in the gap from 1995, when women managers earned about 86 cents for every dollar a male manager received.

The report also revealed that women now comprise 47 percent of the US work force, but hold only 12 percent of all managerial jobs.

This hour, women speak out about the increasing wage gap between men and women. Is there discrimination in the workplace? Or, as some argue, are women opting out of high-pressure jobs because of family priorities?


Rep. Carolyn Maloney, Democrat congresswoman from Manhattan

has introduced the ERA to Congress every year since she's been in office

Martha Burke, Chair, National Council of Women's Organizations

Ann Marlowe, New York City writer and legal recruiter

This program aired on March 14, 2002.


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