What Cheney Heard During his Tour of the Middle East

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Vice President Dick Cheney is wrapping up a 12-nation tour designed to foster Arab support for a possible U.S. military mission in Iraq. In addition to working to build an alliance against Saddam Hussein, Cheney undoubtedly also spoke with Arab leaders about the ongoing fighting between Israelis and Palestinians and the overall goals of the War on terror.

Few men know the concerns of the nations that make up the Middle East better than Ned Walker. Walker has served as American Ambassador to Israel, Egypt, and the United Arab Emirates, and now heads up the Middle East Institute. This hour, Walker takes us inside the private meetings held between Vice President Cheney and each of the Arab leaders he visited.

Americans tend to think of the Middle East as one entity, but each nation has its own unique political concerns. What does Jordan think of a possible strike against Saddam? How does Kuwait view the U.S.'s role in settling the disputes between Israelis and Palestinians? This hour, an intimate look inside the meetings between Vice President Dick Cheney and several Arab leaders.


Edward "Ned" Walker, President of the Middle East Institute

former U.S. Ambassador to Egypt, Israel, and the United Arab Emirates

This program aired on March 19, 2002.


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