Hooray for Bollywood!

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The center of the world's largest movie-making machine is not in California. In fact, it's half a world away in Bombay, India. Nicknamed "Bollywood," the Bombay film industry churns out 800 films a year to a daily audience of 14 million viewers.

Bollywood movies often follow a similar formula: lots of songs and choreographed dances, bloodless action sequences, a boy-meet-girl story line, and a happy ending. Bollywood films are increasingly finding their way into American theaters — while Hollywood, which dominates most of the world's movie markets, has barely made a dent in the world's most populous nation.

Bollywood films have become a popular way for South Asians living in the United States and around the world to stay in touch with their culture. Bollywood's influence has even crept into some of Hollywood's leading movies.

This hour, perhaps the world's leading authority on the Indian film industry, Nupur Kohli, joins us to discuss the real movie-making capital of the world, Bollywood.


Nupur Kohli, 17-year host of "Jhankar" and entertainment style radio program for Bollywood

former host of the a Bollywood television show called "Tarang"

This program aired on March 22, 2002.


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