Baseball: Still the National Pastime?

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Eight baseball stadiums have seen their lowest ever attendance figures so far this season. Overall, baseball attendance is down 3.5% during the first two weeks of the season, about 1,000 fans per game.

The popularity of America's pastime has suffered in recent years due to higher ticket prices, increased competition for America's leisure time dollars, and the devastating strike of 1994 that cancelled the World Series and was a public relations nightmare.

In today's fast-paced world of broadband connections and speed dating, is there still a place for a leisurely day at the ballpark? Is baseball losing its grip on the American imagination? Or will baseball always be the national pastime?


Dave Kindred, columnist for The Sporting News, author of "Glove Stories: The Collected Baseball Writings of Dave Kindred"

Bill Lee, former Red Sox Pitcher

This program aired on April 19, 2002.


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