Life, Death, And The Premature Infant

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A case before the Texas Supreme Court could decide who is entitled to make life and death decisions for premature babies.

In this case, a baby born more than three months premature was resuscitated against the wishes of her parents. Now eleven years old, she is profoundly disabled.

Science now stretches the boundaries at which new life can be sustained. In this hour, a closer look at the medical, moral, and legal consequences. Who should make these decisions? Should a parent have the right to decide to withhold treatment even before it is known whether a child can survive? Can a court draw clear guidelines?


George Annas, Bioethicist and Chair of the Health Law department at Boston University School of Public Health

Dr. Marilee Allen, Associate Director of Neonatology at Johns Hopkins Children Center

Dr. Sheldon Korones, Director of the Newborn Center at the Regional Medical Center at Memphis and a professor at University of Tennessee College of Medicine

This program aired on May 3, 2002.


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