Karl Rove: The Second Most Powerful Man in Washington?

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There is increasing frustration among some Bush administration officials about the growing influence of Karl Rove, the president's longtime advisor and confidant.

Rove has always been one of the president's point men on domestic policy, but his sphere of influence has spread to include foreign policy, as domestic issues have taken a back seat since September 11th. One longtime friend of Secretary of State Colin Powell has teased his crony by asking, "Who runs foreign policy, you or Rove?"This hour, we take a closer look at the man who has the president's ear on both domestic and foreign issues. Who is Karl Rove? Where did he come from? What are his politics and pet issues? In the latest of our series profiling the key players in the Bush administration, we examine the influential advisor, Karl Rove.


Paul Burka, political writer for Texas Monthly magazine

Eleanor Clift, political commentator and writer for Newsweek Magazine

Stuart Stevens, served as a chief political consultant for Bush Presidential campaign, heads his own political consulting firm, Stevens and Schriefer Group

This program aired on May 21, 2002.


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