The Christian Right and Israel

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Jewish voters have long been considered a stronghold of the Democratic Party. But with tensions in the Middle East at an all-time high and terror attacks becoming common occurrences in Israel, Jewish Americans have found some of the strongest support for the state of Israel coming from an unlikely place: the far Christian right of the Republican Party.

For some in the Christian Right, the need to unequivocally support Israel is based on concerns about American security. To others, the history and values that Christians share with Jews explains their backing of Israel. For still other evangelical Christians, the Jewish state is a necessary step on the way to the second coming of Jesus, according to book of Revelation.

It's a strange partnership, but these are strange times. Israel needs all the support it can get, and Jews are embracing the backing Israel is getting from American conservative Christians. This hour, a look at the new camaraderie between American Jews and the Christian Right.


Peter Beinart, editor of The New Republic

Ralph Reed, former Executive Director of the Christian Coalition, Chairman of the Georgia Republican Party

Jim Hutchens, President of Christians for Israel USA

Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein, founder and president of the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews

This program aired on May 22, 2002.


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