Memorial Day Special: The Voices of Soldiers

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Memorial Day takes on a special meaning this year. The United States is fighting a war on terror and American troops are putting their lives on the line to win it.

In this hour, soldiers on the front lines talk about their daily routines, patriotism, and what Memorial Day means to them in these uncertain times.

From the sands of Kandahar to the decks of the USS John F. Kennedy, On Point brings you a Memorial Day special with the real voices of American soldiers serving in the War on Terror. With narration and commentary and Jack Beatty.


Captain Ron Henderson, skipper of the USS John F. Kennedy in the Arabian Sea

Ron Craddock, United States Navy Chaplain

Captain Jeff Crowell, Brigade Surgeon for the U.S. Army in Kandahar

Ensign Joellen Schultz, USS John F. Kennedy

Sergeant Jack Holmes, 4th Marine Expenditionary Brigade in Kabul

This program aired on May 27, 2002.


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