World Hunger: Is the U.S. to Blame?

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When President Bush signed a $190 billion farm bill that increased subsidies to American farmers, it was the death knell for millions of small farmers in developing countries around the world.

The flood of American crops on the global market is expected to drive down food prices, making it impossible for family farmers in the Third World to compete. The result is third world nations dependent on outside nations for their food.

In this hour, tackling world hunger. Has the U-S has set up the world for a food crisis? What needs to happen for world hunger to be a priority on the U-S foreign policy agenda?


Neil Harl, Director of the Center for International Agricultural Finance at Iowa State University

Alan Larson, Under Secretary of State for Economic, Business and Agricultural Affairs

Irungu Houghton, policy advisor for ActionAid USA

This program aired on June 14, 2002.


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