Legally High? Decriminalizing Marijuana

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photoGreat Britain has recently announced it's joining a wave of European countries that are relaxing their official policies toward marijuana.

Last week, Britain said that although marijuana will remain technically illegal, police will no longer arrest people for privately using it.

Many European countries including Italy, Spain, and Portugal have already relaxed their drug policies, softening laws and decriminalizing use.

Think it can't happen in the US? It may not be so far away. In Nevada, an effort has made it onto the state's November ballot that would make it legal for adults to buy small quantities of marijuana from state-licensed stores for their own private use.

Is it time to rethink America's hard-line "just say no" drug stance? Are you ready to buy marijuana from the local convenience store? Is Europe paving the way for drug reform laws in the US?


Bruce Mirken, Director of Communications with the Marijuana Policy Project, a national nonprofit organization that supports policies to reduce the harm associated with marijuana use

David Evans, attorney, Member of the Institute on Global Drug Policy of the Drug-Free America Foundation and Executive director of Drug Free Schools Coalition

Dr. Robert DuPont, Psychiatrist specializing in Addiction Medicine, worked with heroin addicts and methadone treatment in Washington D.C. during the early 1970's, formerly: Director of the Narcotics Treatment Administration, 1970-73, Director of the White House drug office "Drug Czar" (1973-75), first Director of NIDA (National Institute on Drug Abuse), author: Getting Tough on Gateway Drugs: A Guide for the Family

This program aired on July 16, 2002.


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