The End of Posse Comitatus?

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photoAccording to Homeland Security Chief Tom Ridge, the U.S. government may have to consider using the military for the purpose of domestic law enforcement. But doing so would necessitate changes in the long-standing Posse Comitatus Act. To what extent can, and should, the U.S. military serve as a domestic police force?

In the new security paradigm, many lawmakers argue that we need to rethink our concept of domestic defense. Others, however, remain fearful that proponents of an expanded military presence on American soil fail to recognize crucial differences in the roles of the police force and the military. What role can, and should, the US military play in homeland security?


Colonel John R. Brinkerhoff (Ret.) ~ former acting associate director for national preparedness of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, Former deputy executive secretary of the Emergency Mobilization Preparedness Board

Gene Healy ~ Senior Editor at the Cato Institute

Mike Scardaville ~ American Homeland Defense Policy Analyst at the Heritage Foundation

Major General Donald W. Shepperd (Ret.) ~ Former Director of the Air National Guard at the Pentagon, now head of The Shepperd Group, a defense consulting firm

This program aired on July 24, 2002.


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