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The Birth of the Universe

This article is more than 20 years old.
photoModern day cosmologists wrestle with the big questions: How did it all begin? And how will it all end? Ancient religions and cultures have long turned to the celestial skies to find the answers. Now scientists are taking an empirical approach to understanding the universe based in evidence, not myth.

When scientific theories can explain the origins of the universe, what do we gain as a society? As a culture? The mystery remains but in a vastly different form, as inflationary theory and the Big Bang.

In this hour, the evolution of cosmology, from its religious roots to modern science. Has our science-centric view of the world helped us, or hurt us? Can we reconcile prophecy and science?


Marcelo Gleiser, Author of "The Prophet and the Astronomer" and Professor of Philosophy, Physics and Astronomy at Dartmouth College

Alan Guth, Professor of Physics at Massachusetts Institute of Technology

This program aired on July 26, 2002.


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