Teaching the Koran

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photoThis summer 3,500 incoming freshman at the University of North Carolina are required to read Michael Sell's book, "Approaching the Qur'an." Three students and a conservative Christian organization filed a lawsuit against the university last week.

Interest in the Koran has skyrocketed since 9/11. Many universities have created courses about the Koran, although none have required students to read the religious text.

In this hour, studying the Koran. How should religion be taught in public schools? What should American students be learning about the Koran and Islam?


Robert Shelton, Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill

Stephen Crampton, Chief Council with the American Family Association Center for Law & Policy

Michael Sells, Author of "Approaching the Qur'an: The Early Revelations" and Professor of Comparative Religion at Haverford College

Jack Beatty, News Analyst and Senior Editor at The Atlantic Monthly

This program aired on July 30, 2002.


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