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Eddie Palmieri: Sun King of Latin Jazz24:50

In the 1960's, he was l'enfant terrible of the Latin Jazz scene. Innovative, passionate, and restless, he thumbed his nose at the orchestral music he grew up on and developed a signature, muscular sound when he founded the La Perfecta Octet. La Perfecta's explosive music underscored the mood of New York's growing Latin Community as it struggled to find a voice. But this music traveled far beyond the barrios and barrooms to find a wide national audience.

Unlike most bad boys, Eddie Palmieri has aged well. His music continues to evolve with and respond to contemporary influences and contexts.

Thirty-seven years, more than 30 records and seven Grammys after his first recording, Palmieri has finally taken a moment to look back at his legacy. He joins us tonight for a rare and intimate glimpse of the reigning patriarch of Latin Jazz.


Eddie Palmieri joins us in the studio.

This program aired on August 2, 2002.

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