The Difficulty of Being Colin Powell

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photoEmbattled. Scrutinized. Marginalized. It's been a tough tenure for Secretary of State Colin Powell.

Since the Bush administration's first days, the White House and Powell have gone in vastly different directions, and tensions between the two are at an unprecedented peak.

Will the general-turned-diplomat bow out of the Bush administration, or — as those close to him insist — will Powell soldier on?


Jim Lobe - Washington Bureau Chief for Inter-Press Service and author of the recent article, "The Unimportance of Being Colin Powell"

Marybel Batjer - Former longtime Powell aide, Currently Chief of Staff for Nevada governor Kenny Guinn

Laurence Kaplan, Senior Editor at The New Republic

Lawrence Levine - Professor of History at George Mason University, author of "Defender of the Faith: William Jennings Bryan, the Last Decade, 1915-1925"

This program aired on August 5, 2002.


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