The Trouble With Race Blindness

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photoThe country has a moral obligation to fight racial inequity. But how should the battle be fought? Liberal thinkers arguing for race blindness say that racial distinctions are irrelevant. Race does not matter.

Or does it? In his latest book, The Anatomy of Racial Inequality, leading African-American intellectual Glenn Loury takes a different tact. Reversing decades of discrimination means acknowledging not ignoring racial differences.

In this hour, the trouble with race blindness. Is race blindness political correctness gone awry? Does race matter?


Ward Connerly, Chairman of the American Civil Rights Coalition, the organization sponsoring the Racial Privacy Initiative

Glenn Loury, Director of the Institute on Race and Social Division at Boston University and the author of "The Anatomy of Racial Inequality"

This program aired on August 8, 2002.


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