The Bill Clinton Factor

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photoBill Clinton is not ready to slip quietly into America's backdrop. Not yet. Since leaving office, the former president has assumed the mantles of AIDS spokesperson, New York everyman, and, maybe soon, syndicated afternoon talk show host.

It may be exactly the right role, for the man famous for perfecting the art of balancing politics with the celebrity schmooze. Bill Clinton effortlessly waltzed between State Department meetings and Hollywood who's-who parties.

But is the country ready for Clinton, Oprah-style? At just 56 years old, Bill Clinton has plenty of time to re-shape his bruised legacy for America. But what does he have, to give?

Tonight, On Point: the Bill Clinton factor.

Is Bill Clinton finding his feet, in his post-president years? How big a player is Clinton, today, on America's political scene? Does he still carry the weight to shape America's hearts and minds. Or has the country left Bill behind?


Joe Conason, columnist for The New York Observer and

John Orman, Professor of Politics at Fairfield University, co-author of the new book "Celebrity Politics"

Darrell West, Professor of Political Science at Brown University, co-author of the new book "Celebrity Politics", developer of the political information website ""

This program aired on August 22, 2002.


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