Ingrid Bergman

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photoFrom the time she set foot on US soil, Ingrid Bergman became one of Hollywood's most successful and sought after actresses of all time.

Her luminous beauty, intriguing accent, effortless naturalism, and discerning choices in her roles made her one of the first modern female American actresses of the silver screen. Bergman could convincingly play a nun in one movie, a doctor in the next, and street-walker in the following movie each as strong as the last.

Her affair and pregnancy with the director Roberto Rosellini in the middle of her career then made her one of the most vilified women of the mid-50's. We look at the rise and fall and rise again of Ingrid Bergman 20 years after her death.


Garen Daly, Movie Critic, owner of the Dedham Community Theater in Dedham, Massachusetts, and On Point's movie Maven

Jeanine Basinger, Corwin-Fuller Professor of Film Studies at Wesleyan University and Curator of the Wesleyan Cinema Archives.

This program aired on August 30, 2002.


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