Has America Changed Since 9/11?

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photoShould the war on terrorism change they way America sees itself and its place in the world? The wounds of the 9-11 attack are deep and profound, and with it, some say, the opportunity for change.

American society did change after the attack at Pearl Harbor, the other day that will live in infamy. World War II was a transforming experience for America. Thousands died in battle; the role of women forever changed; a mass middle class was created by the G.I. Bill.

Will the War on Terror have a similar effect on the nation? And should it? Would a foreign policy shaped by the war on terrorism serve America well? Have you seen America transformed since the events on 9-11? Is staying true to America's long-held principles and way of life the only way to keep the terrorists from winning?


Michael Elliott, Editor at Large Time MagazineAndrew Sullivan, writes daily online column on his website

Jack Beatty, On Point News Analyst, senior editor at The Atlantic Monthly

This program aired on September 4, 2002.


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