Teaching September 11th

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photoLast year, millions of America's school children sat in their classrooms as terrorists attacked their nation, their home.

In the subsequent weeks and months, teachers were forced to add some new lessons to the curricula, lessons about religion, war, patriotism and prejudice.

Today, teachers continue to struggle with how to help students understand what appears so far beyond understanding.

This hour, On Point: what do we tell the kids? How to teach September 11th to students who lived through it.


Karen Manasse, social worker at the 12th Street Academy in Manhattan's lower east side

Dawn Renee Chase, 4th and 5th grade teacher at the public Cochran Academy in East Orange, New Jersey

Brian Poon, history and philosophy teacher at Brookline High School in Brookline, Massachusetts

Kathryn Lerch, 9th grade history teacher at the private Park Tudor School in Indianapolis, Indiana

This program aired on September 10, 2002.


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