Arab-American Response

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photoFor millions of Americans, the week of 9/11 brought great sadness and grief. Then anger took hold. In many communities, the Arab-American community received the brunt of the blame for the terrorist attacks in New York and Washington.

Stories spread about Arab immigrants being unlawfully detained, Arab women being targeted for wearing hijab, Arab travelers being profiled in airports at security checkpoints. Now, as President Bush talks of war with Iraq, Arab-Americans are steeling themselves for another wave of discrimination and fear.

In this hour, being Arab-American after 9/11. Is the rift between the Arab-American community and the country finally starting to heal? Or is the chasm of mistrust getting deeper?


Mona Eltahawy, Freelance journalist who writes frequently about Egypt and the Middle East

Ali Dagher, Attorney in Dearborn, Michigan and second vice chair of the Arab-American Chamber of Commerce

Rima Arnaout, First year medical student at Harvard University

This program aired on September 13, 2002.


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