Salman Rushdie

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photoIn 2000, Salman Rushdie wrote that "the defining struggle of the new age would be between terrorism and security."

And he was right.

In his new book "Step Across This Line," Rushdie explores the idea of the frontier, its role in creating the American character, and the crossing of borders — of countries, of language, of culture, and of the imagination.

September, 11, 2001 , he says, has become a borderline: "We all crossed a frontier that day, an invisible boundary between the imaginable and the unimaginable, and it turned out to be the unimaginable was real."

What will America's new role be in a world where frontiers are being redrawn, rejected, and challenged? What are the consequences of crossing the line in the 21st century?


Salman Rushdie, his latest work of nonfiction is "Step Across This Line"

Jack Beatty, On Point News Analyst

This program aired on September 17, 2002.


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