Democratizing the Arab World

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photoFor decades, American foreign policy was divided, essentially, into two camps: realists and idealists. The realists were generally hard-nosed conservatives. The idealists, liberals with dreams. Now, the Bush administration has set its compass by a powerful new foriegn policy faction: conservatives with dreams.

They proudly call themselves hawks. They sniff at diplomacy and the UN. They believe in using US power to reshape the world. They pushed invasion of Iraq from a fringe idea to central US policy. And regime change in Iraq is only the beginning. While Americans debate striking Baghdad, the new hawks are girding to redraw the entire Middle East--and their dream is winning. In this hour, pulling back the curtain on the full agenda--beyond Iraq.


R. James Woolsey, former director, the Central Intelligence Agency (1993 - 1995)

Fouad Ajami, director, Middle East Studies, the Nitze School of Advanced International Studies, Johns Hopkins University

Nicholas Lemann, staff writer, The New Yorker, and author, "The Next World Order"

This program aired on September 24, 2002.


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