The November Races

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photoIn just over a month, hundreds of seats in the U.S. Congress are on the line in midterm elections being contested in the shadow of war. At stake is control of both the House and the Senate, where Republicans and Democrats each hold a narrow majority in one body.

Democrats have seethed as national security concerns after 9/11 and the talk of war with Iraq have played into Republican hands. Where, they've asked, is political space for debating the economy, health care, and social security? Later, Republicans have responded, after we deal with life and death.

Yesterday, Senate Democratic leaders Tom Daschle snapped, accusing the White House of using war to win elections. The president, he said, ought to apologize. Today, the president answered. In this hour, war and politics. On November 5, how much does war matter?


Ron Faucheux, editor-in-chief, Campaigns & Elections, and contributing analyst, Congressional Quarterly

Ken Rudin, political editor, National Public Radio

Anna Greenberg, vice president, Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research

Ed Goeas, president & CEO, The Tarrance Group

This program aired on September 26, 2002.


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