Father and Son, The Two George Bushes

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photoAmong all the theories, strategies, hopes and fears that surround the debate over war with Iraq, there is one simple equation that may deserve an extra look, and it's this: Two Bushes and one Saddam.

Like no other conflict in American history, a new attack on Iraq would create what historians will surely see, in some dimension, as a father-son war. Saddam Hussein, says the sitting president, George W., is "a guy that tried to kill my dad." And Saddam, still in power and defiant in Baghdad, is the guy the "dad" failed to kill.

Like all father-son relationships, it's complicated — to the point that analysts aren't sure whether Bush Senior is a restraining factor or a goad to war. But with this war, and these two presidents, the link of mind and blood is unavoidable.

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Bill Minutaglio, author of "First Son: George W. Bush and the Bush Family Dynasty"

Samuel Osherson, author of "Finding Our Fathers: How a Man's Life is Shaped by His Relationship with His Father"

This program aired on October 3, 2002.


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