The Sniper

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photo"Dear Policeman," said the already infamous Bowie, Maryland tarot card. "I am God."

With those three words, the sniper-scared population of greater Washington DC appeared to get its first thin glimpse today into the mind of a hideously efficient killer. Six are already dead. Two wounded. An entire community, targeted and terrorized.

The weapon: a well-aimed, high-powered rifle. The questions: Who would do such a thing? How can they be caught? And what should the ubiquitous American media - the never system of the nation - write, say and show about the investigation as it unfolds?

From coast to coast, the country's criminal justice and criminal psychology apparatus is working overtime on a killer who straddles the line between hit-man and terrorist.

This hour, On Point: catching a psychopathic sniper.


James Jones, reporter WAMU covering the sniper story, Washington DC

Dr. Charles Ewing, forensic psychologist, State University of New York, Buffalo

Captain Robert Snow, commander of the Homicide Branch of the Indianapolis Police Department, and author of "Swat Teams: Explosive Face-Offs with America's Deadliest Criminals"

This program aired on October 9, 2002.


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