Return to Iraq: Gulf War Veterans Speak Out

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photoVeterans Day 2002 finds one group of veterans following the march toward war with Iraq with unmatched focus and awareness.

Almost 700,00 American troops served in the Gulf War over a decade ago. These men and women know fighting Iraq first hand. They know the skies and deserts that may soon again be battlefields. And they know what we don't know about war this time.

On Point invited Gulf War veterans who served on the front lines in Operation Desert Storm to join an intimate conversation about what it means for America to go back to Iraq. If and when war comes, is it right? Is it essential or a huge mistake?

Gulf War Veterans speak out about America's next war.


Army Lt. Colonel Peggy Bradley, retired Air Force sergeant, Paul Perrone

Tracy Smith, retired E-4 specialist with Tennessee National Guard

Charles Sheehan-Miles, Army private during Desert Storm and now conscientious objector

This program aired on November 11, 2002.


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