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A Concert of Peace and Reconciliation24:50

This article is more than 16 years old.
photoMusic of peace and reconciliation as war drums are beating. We broadcast for you excerpts of a concert of Peace and Reconciliation and look at the role of music in our current crisis ... from Yiddish folks songs to South African Freedom music.

Also, On Point movie maven Garen Daly reviews some of the biggest hits coming this holiday season.


Nick Page, Composer, Author and Artistic Director of the Mystic Chorale

Louise Grasmere, Vocalist, percussionist and a principle soloist for the Mystic Choral

William All'uddin Mathieu, pianist, music teacher and composer of songs including "Alhamdulileh"

Reverend Fred Small, Minister of the First Church Unitarian in Littleton, MA, a former singer-songwriter and composer of songs including "Peace Is".

This program aired on November 29, 2002.

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