On the Job Hunt

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photoThe downturn has affected every sector of the economy, but this time white collar workers have born the brunt of the layoffs. And many of those sacked are finding that finding that next job is no easy task. We wanted to know what it is like to be pounding the pavement. When prospects look bleak. When the mortgage payment is due. When the nation has turned its attention from domestic issues to preparing for war.

Have you been laid off? Are you hopeful you'll find work? Do you think Washington is doing enough to help?


Greg Ip, economics reporter with the Wall Street Journal

Brian Casey, laid off software marketing manager

Vivian Podsiadlo, laid off senior program manager

Ed Krugman, laid of f director of international technology

James Moody, just found a job after being out of work since August

This program aired on December 5, 2002.


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