Breast Cancer Controversies

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photoBreast cancer crusader Dr. Susan Love is going to battle again. This time she's fighting decades-old thinking about early breast cancer detection. The topic's made headlines, and a lot of women nervous in recent weeks, with news a large study in China on breast self-examination found no evidence the monthly ritual prevented deaths.

For Dr. Susan Love, the China findings confirm the medical establishment has been missing the boat on what early detection really is, and putting too big a burden on women to find their own cancers. Mammograms and self examinations, says Love, are really LATE detection because by the time a lump is found, it could already be cancer. The trick is to marshal resources into technology that could identify problems before they become cancer.

Dr. Susan Love gives her diagnosis, and breast cancer patient gives another perspective.


Dr. Susan Love, breast cancer surgeon at UCLA, author of "Dr. Susan Love's Breast Book"

Diane Larkin, breast cancer survivor who found her lump through self-examination

Judy Foreman, nationally-syndicated medical columnist

This program aired on December 24, 2002.


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