Awaiting the New Iraq

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photoIn the eyes of the world, Iraq is a physically deteriorated country awash in ethnic and religious hostilities. But, for thousands of years, the country between the two rivers has been a 'cradle of civilization' — the earliest villages, cities, writing, poetry, epic literature, temples, codified religion, armies, warfare, world economy, empires, were all born in the lands of modern Iraq.

According to Joseph Braude, author of "The New Iraq," Americans' perceptions of Iraq have been affected by U.S. media's depiction of the country as a military, ruthless dictatorship. He says Americans should look beneath these filtered images and learn about the country's old and rich history and culture.

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Joseph Braude, Senior Analyst for Pyramid Research and author of "The New Iraq."

This program aired on March 28, 2003.


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