Global Tobacco Treaty Hits a Snag

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photoAfter 3 years of negotiation a global treaty to control the marketing of tobacco, known as the "Framework Convention on Tobacco Control" was set to be ratified later this month. But last week the United States delegation insisted on re-opening the negotiations in order to include a clause that would allow signitors the right to change the treaty at will. The administration claims it's an issue of American sovereignty, the critics claim it is all to protect big tobacco.


Alison Langley, New York Times Reporter

Kenneth Warner, Professor of Public Health and Director of Tobacco Research Network at University of Michigan

Kenneth Bernard, Assistant Surgeon General and Chief Delegate, U.S. Delegation to the Framework Convention for Tobacco Control

Dr. Sam Kazmin General Council for the Competitive Enterprise Institute, a free market advocacy organization

This program aired on May 7, 2003.


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