Terror in Saudi Arabia

This article is more than 17 years old.
photoSuicide bombers killed dozens, including at least seven Americans, in Riyadh yesterday. Secretary of State Colin Powell, on a visit to the bombed site, said the attacks have "all the fingerprints of Al Qaeda." We'll take a close look at the U.S. relationship with Saudia Arabia and whether it is still in line with U.S. interests.


Steven Weisman, chief diplomatic correspondent, The New York Times

Robert Baer, Former CIA official and author of the forthcoming book, "Sleeping With the Devil: How Washington Sold its Soul for Saudi Crude"

Dore Gold, former Israeli ambassador to the U.N and author of "Hatred's Kingdom: How Saudi Arabia Supports the New Global Terrorism"

Khaled Al-Maeena, Editor-in-Chief of the Saudi English daily newspaper Arab News

John Esposito, University Professor of Religion and International Affairs at Georgetown University and author of "Unholy War: Terror in the Name of Islam", and "What Everyone Needs to Know about Islam".

This program aired on May 13, 2003. The audio for this program is not available.